Hi! Im Jamie Lu

Welcome to my website. Many know me as a Shamanic Sound Healer, Self Healing Educator, Artist and Founder of LoveRising.earth - A Foundation pioneering self-healing skills, retreats and smart ways to live a life of ease and wellness.

My life studies include Energetic Healing, Psychotherapy and the Quantum Sciences but I have been engaged with the hidden energetics of our world since I was a child.  I am a "conduit" for Divine Consciousness. Like a vessel, I hold and emanate the energy of Love and Grace. This is the energy that heals, and can bring the lost, disowned or damaged parts of ourselves back into wholeness. I have an ability to move this energy through my voice and hands, and channel it into a coherent and elevated frequency that can cause people to respond to healing and awaken to their Divinity. This ability has led to my commitment in pioneering a new vision for health and wellness by holding a sacred space of healing for others.  I assist and guide others in aligning to the deep, meaningful truth within them, and awakening to the awareness of their whole and complete self which is multi-dimensional and energetic. This can activate a state of higher functioning, clarity and freedom.


Much of what I share comes from my own experience of personal healing and awakening through Divine Grace. It is the Divine Grace of my Source that gives me the communications, insights and awareness I receive beyond the veil. 

The information I share is not to be confused with any religion for I speak from a recognition that we are beings of Spirit, with human forms and human experiences. It is our Spiritual nature, however, that connects us to our vibrational essence that is pure energy, light and love. It is this essence that teaches us how to evolve as human beings, to repair and unite all parts of the self so we may live happy, connected and full lives.

Path of Remembering

In 2012, I awakened into the knowledge that I am not from here. I come from another star system, in a place close to the Origins, commonly known as the Angelic realm. I am a being of magnetic fields of intelligence.  I have spent eons in service to the Creator of all Life. I live on Earth today to play in the human experience and bring back the sacred wisdom of our origins. I am holding a space for people to ascend into a new vibration of living together in harmony with our Planet and Mother Gaia, functioning at our fullest creative capacities with all of her beings.

Like me, those living on Earth at this time are not originally from this planet. We are a genetic experiment, made of and from the Universal organic elements, star, angelic and earth elemental races. Upon incarnating into the Earth realm, taking a human form and human life experience, we made the agreement to forget. We have forgotten what we came into this life to do, what life is actually about, the Soul's gifts, the learnings from our past lives that have developed our Soul, and the many dimensions and steps it took to get to this life. We have forgotten about our psychic capabilities, we have forgotten about our divine nature, our sacred sovereignty and our Love.

What we are, is an immaculate expression of Source energy, boundless, unlimited, and free.  As long as one remains under the deep sleep of forgetfulness, one's freedom remains unexpressed.  A sense of 'enslavement' to the outer world ensues. This creates a humanity steeped in reaction vs. deliberate creativity. 

The process of breaking free from the spell of forgetting is called the Remembering. The Remembering happens when we awaken from our unconscious sleep into the greater realisation of our connection to Source and all living things.  It begins with a deep longing. A calling forth from the wells of our being.

Our Soul's origins, our Divine Purpose, and our Divine gifts are all meant to be awoken and embraced in this life. It is the way of our Spirit and the next step in human evolution. It can be resisted but cannot be ignored. 

My Story of Awakening

I grew up in America as Jamie Lu, a daughter to an English-American father and Philippine mother.  I am the genetic union of East and West.  When I was a child, I could still remember my connection to Source and I often experienced life psychically.  However, the veil of forgetting set quickly as I became conditioned to the lower density vibration of the world around me.  It became clear to me that the world I was growing up in was to be feared, and that there was no space for the power of the heart as everything was done though the power of the mind. I began to shut down my knowing and gifts.  At the age of 22, I became desperately ill.

I was diagnosed with a heart condition and thyroid problems at that time.  The experience of love in my relationships felt dismal. The medical bills I racked up seemed insurmountable to pay off.  I was not only hopelessly sick, I felt like a pawn in the game of life, void of real purpose and enslaved to debt. Choosing to heal myself gave me the space to deeply investigate my life, and a safe space to remember who and what I truely am.  It was a gradual experience of remembering for me that was due to the extraordinary amount of meditation, detox and energy work I took too.  I am very grateful to the many healers and masters of life that came to assist and guide me in my path towards knowing my deepest truth and my truest self.  Their assistance reminded me that I could not do this journey alone, and that we need each other more then ever.

In time, my psychic abilities began to awaken, as well as my self-healing knowledge and skills.  I started to recognise Angels around me, and began communicating with the Ascended Masters whom brought aid in understanding what was happening to me and to our world. Today I continue to live disease free.

Seeing the world around me through energy changed the foundation of my reality and ignited a passion within me to share, and advocate the art of healing so others too, can find real hope and relief.  I wish to empower the inner healer within us by addressing the treatment of ourselves, others and our planet.  My message is one of hope and encouragement for a new world, where deeper levels of human kindness and awareness fulfil the greater wish of peace on Earth. Through my own awakening into the infinite possibilities that our Universe provides, I soon understood that within us are the keys to mastering our lives as deliberate creators. This is the difference between "Life happening to me" and "Life happening for me, as me".  


As a healer, I hear the booming call for better, safer and more empowering approaches to health and wellness — one that serves the heart of what it is to be radiantly alive in a time of great global change. What I offer is access to the wisdom and tools that have been long held secret in order to facilitate transformative healing at the molecular level and beyond. What I have witnessed in my practice, time and time again, are miracles. It is not magic. It is simply tapping into what is most natural.  Energy work champions the new art and science of purposeful living.  It is a catalyst for super-human growth and potential.  It changes lives for the betterment of our world.