Jamie is a gifted healer. 
Since childhood, she has expressed the unique ability to influence the health of others. Her intuitive ability to connect to and interact with the human energy field enables her to facilitate rapid transformations in other people. The human energy field is the underlying state, or the underlying, universal substance through which we create our experience of reality, including illness. Jamie teaches that it is through re-establishing the pure essence of Love in this energy field, that we have the power to heal ourselves in ways that are natural, gentle, fulfilling and permanent.

Through meditation, she is able to facilitate profound transformations in consciousness, resulting in shifts within the physical reality of a person.  Her gift supports the ground breaking science of Epigenetics, which is revolutionizing the current understanding of the link between mind and matter, particularly that of the role of the brain and how its biochemical functioning shows that cells are affected by thought.

Jamie began to develop her natural healing ability when she experienced instantaneous recoveries from a heart & thyroid disease at the age of 24. Seven years later, she established her practice on the renowned healing island of Bali, where many people have come to benefit enormously from her sharing. Her practice offers an exploration of the mind body connection and potent healing support beyond the limitations of human knowledge. Jamie serves as an energy conduit, or ‘channel’, whereby she receives information from the Divine Source or “Great Mystery” — the infinite intelligence and the sacredness that resides in everything.

Jamie enjoys sharing her wisdom and observations from a timeless perspective. She believes that in the future, we will be able to heal ourselves by thought alone. Her passion is to empower the inner healer within by addressing the treatment of self, others and our planet. Her message is one of hope and encouragement for a new world, where deeper levels of human kindness and awareness fulfill the greater wish of peace on Earth.

“I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and saw many healers... Jamie is able to see so clearly how the physical, emotional and physic bodies are interrelated... I set an intention at the start that has been abundantly fulfilled...Be prepared for miracles to happen when you see Jamie. She has truly changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful.”
— Saskia Herbert

Signature Distance Healing
90mins.         $150 USD

Jamie’s signature healing is a finely tuned meditation and methodology of skilled transmission that returns the human organism as a whole to its original state of health. Through this focused process, Jamie guides the person into a spiritual re-connection, activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the unconscious body).  As a channel, Jamie invokes the Love of the Creator, by which the client's intention will be served to the maximum capacity available to the person's soul path at the time.  

This energy works simultaneously on many levels, from which a holistic healing process of heart–mind–spirit–body unfolds.  It is a relaxing, life-changing process that empowers ones innate energy to flow, clearing blocks that perpetuate illness, pain and stagnation.

One session can lead to immediate shifts in reality, will greatly relieve stress, improve bodily and mental functioning, & enhance intuition and self love. The treatment concludes with a detailed report outlining psychic findings, holistic recommendations to carry forth the treatment benefits, and a personal channeled message to help the client on their journey.

Follow up treatments are available to previous clients. Each treatment brings deeper results and improvements.  Follow ups are recommended for the healing of trauma, chronic or complex conditions, injury or addictions.

Treatments have shown to:

  • Relieve stress and promote a lasting and substantial reduction in anxiety states.
  • Achieve a deep physical relaxation with mental clarity.
  • Synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain.
  • Increases verbal ability and IQ performance.
  • Recall mental images. Encourages spontaneous creative thinking & insights.
  • Reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins.
  • Activate altered states of consciousness, heightening awareness and unlocking healing codes within the individual.

Jamie has helped treat:

Depression, Manic Depression
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Auto-Immune Diseases
Gut Problems
Grounding & Alignment difficulties
Gynecological, fertility and hormonal imbalances
Difficulties connecting to inner truth, peace & intuition
Energy loss and Anxiety
Manifestation & Abundance blocks
Anger, Judgement and Limited Thinking
“...It was the most real experience of my life....a holistic body and soul experience with deep clarity and awareness.”
— Mary Pentecost