Jamie Lu is a gifted Channel, Healer & Coach specializing in inner development and self-empowerment from the perspective of personal spirituality and expanded consciousness. She holds masterships and certifications in Reiki (Usui), Access Consciousness® Bars, and Applied Unified Physics (Quantum Healing) and has a natural connection to Source point, the Archangelic, Goddess and Ascended Master Realms.  She is also the Spiritual Healer at the esteemed Alchemy Holistic Clinic in Ubud, Bali.

Jamie left her success in technology to share her natural healing ability that has lead to her own instantaneous recoveries from a heart & thyroid condition at the age of 24. 

From curiosity to cancer, many have come to benefit enormously from her sharing. Her therapy involves acoustical energy work, sound healing and shamanic channeling, bringing a highly transformative and spiritual experience, reconnecting us with the loving and unlimited potentials inherent within. This work supports you in the understanding of the deeper truth of yourself and the possibility of living a life of fullness and joy.


The Signature Treatment

Jamie’s unique gift of healing involves sound healing and shamanic channeling of the spiritual force to deliver an extremely powerful dose of energy medicine, working behind the scenes to restore balance to the mind, body, spirit relationship that makes up YOU and your LIFE.  This is more then a potent energy attunement. This is a tool to use for your great advantage. Jamie works directly with Source and the Angels of the highest order of light. This healing will effect you on the cellular level. People have called their experience “profound”, “blissful”, and “tangible”.  

The known benefits

Instant Energy Boost
Total Relaxation of the mind
Access your personal healing codes
Cleanses the Aura
Balances Chakras
DNA Upgrade
Receive Downloads and Insights
Seals rips in the energy body
Access an extremely high frequency 
state of consciousness
Enhance mental acuity, manifestation abilities, and self-confidence
Valuable relief from stored tension & hidden pains
Clears limiting beliefs & energetic blocks

Removes negative energy, implants and entities
Expands heart-centered consciousness
Heightened vibration that lasts for days
Expect an invigorating boost & enhancement on all levels
The molecular benefits stay with you!


Visit Jamie at the Alchemy Holistic Clinic for a treatment tailored for your personal needs.

Every Monday - Friday. 9am - 7pm
To book, email: appointments@alchemyclinicbali.com
or call: +62 0361 971 902