Jamie is a gifted energy worker, sound healer and channel specializing in transformative health from the perspective of consciousness. Her intuitive therapies are powerful yet gentle, facilitating rapid transformations by improving the frequencies of the human energetic field. Through faith, sound healing, and hands-on healing she raises vibrations to the highest level of Love, bringing on profound and sometimes instantaneous results. 

As a certified energy healer and Reiki Master, trained in quantum science, meditation, unified field research, psychology and metaphysics, Jamie chose to unlearn everything she knew to share her natural healing ability that faith and devotion opened up for her, leading to her own instantaneous recoveries from a heart & thyroid condition. 

From curiosity to cancer, many have come to benefit enormously from her sharing. Her work facilitates rapid and sometimes instantaneous shifts in consciousness, addressing the health of the body, mind and spirit relationship bringing a highly transformative and spiritual experience that reconnects us with our fullest potential.


The Signature Treatment

Jamie’s gift of faith-based healing involves crystal bowl sound healing and shamanic channeling of the spiritual force to deliver an extremely powerful dose of energy medicine working behind the scenes to restore balance to the mind, body, spirit relationship. This therapy works on the energetic level to promote physical and emotional healing, clearing blocks and bringing into wholeness the divisions keeping you from living your fullest. This is done by raising your vibration to the highest point where rapid self-healing can occur.  Similar to Reiki, hands-on healing is used to transfer high frequency energy, targeting distortions in the chakras (human energy centers).  It is a non-invasive, relaxing yet effective therapy effortlessly attainable by anyone. Perfect as a compliment to any therapy or detox program.

Jamie has helped treat:

Grounding, alignment & balance difficulties.
Gynecological, fertility and hormonal imbalances.
Difficulties connecting to inner truth, peace & intuition.
Depression, mania, autisim, addictions. 
Autoimmune diseases, Chronic fatigue syndrome.
Energy loss and Anxiety.
Manifestation & abundance blocks.
Scoliosis, posture and structural misalignments.


Visit Jamie at the Alchemy Holistic Clinic for a treatment tailored for your personal needs.

Every Monday - Friday. 9am - 7pm
To book, email: [email protected]
or call: +62 0361 971 902