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About Jamie Lu

On 2012, I experienced an awakening into Light that catapulted me from a mainstream American life into a deep journey of self realization.  I suddenly witnessed and understood my connection to all of life, to the planet and to the greater cosmos. I experienced the profound Love that is in all of existence, and my true purpose on Earth.  

In my twenties, I surprised doctors after naturally healing from a thyroid and heart condition on my own. This event motivated me to leave the life I knew to travel the world, causing me to travel deep within my self.  I now live in Ubud, Bali, where I channel and share the unconditional Love of Divine Grace.  I use to do this to awaken others to their own liberation and self-healing capacities because I thought people needed saving. I began to see many miracles in my sessions.

But now I realize that people do not need saving. Under pure conditions, the planetary and human organism is designed to save itself, perfectly. 

What this world needs most of all is for people to stand in love. They need knowledge of their own sacred power and how to access it. They need to deeply understand that we are all responsible for the quality of life in this shared experience. And that we are all, in truth, miracle makers.

Long ago, I made the commitment to unlearn everything I was taught to surrender to Source and trust in the pure channeling ability that love and devotion opened up for me.  I walk in contribution to the joy of life as a spiritual guide and a conduit for a Divine consciousness to pass through, anchoring benevolent energies and light patterns on the Planet, while reminding everyone I meet that they too can do the same. 

In this, I receive and communicate with the Divine wisdom that is empowering all of us to get back in touch with our sacred and most radiantly alive nature.

People do not need to be saved. People need to stand in Love. People need knowledge of their own sacred power and how to access it. 

Unity Consciousness
Through my experiences of communicating with the Divine, I’ve come to understand that dysfunction is interconnected to an energetic imbalance of the mind, body and spirit relationship. What underlies this imbalance is the pain of separation from our loving Source that provides the vital life energy needed to live in harmony with all of evolving life.

The energy I channel simply restores balance to this relationship, supporting your own ability to heal from the inside out.  Energetic blocks, disease and negative outcomes can be traced to subconscious beliefs that perpetuate the paradigm of division, keeping us cycling in states of fear and dysfunction -- all of this can profoundly shift as the energy of Divine Grace gently reminds you of the perfection of your authentic and true nature.  The results are remarkable and transformative. 

Through this blessing brings a transformative and spiritual experience, reconnecting us with the loving and unlimited potentials inherent within us all, supporting us in the understanding of the deeper truth of ourselves and the possibility of living a life of true health and joy. 

This is my passion and greatest gift to offer, in contribution to the light of YOU,
the light that knows the Universal Truth of All Things,
that We are the Change that we have been asking for. 
We are the illuminated force that transcends all division, all fears, all limits.
We are the Love that is Life as One. 
We are the Love that brings Peace on Earth.

In Gratitude,
Jamie Lu

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