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Jamie Lu

Source Connection, spiritual Freedom & empowerment


Hello! Welcome to my website. 
Long story short, I facilitate spiritual awakenings and miraculous healings for people all over the world using my voice. The spiritual gifts of healing hand, Vocal Alchemy, Clairvoyance and being able to communicate with the Divine Higher realms of consciousness opened up during my own journey of awakening that started in 2012, leading to a total life transformation. I serve as a sound healer and trained energy worker, however, I have put my tools and knowledge down to simply be in pure presence and allow Divine Source to work with my clients. The energies and healing frequencies that come through are the wisdoms and grace of Divine Love (Holy Spirit) that can heal and unite all that has been disowned, restoring wholeness, and creating profound shifts in reality. This service is to the whole of inter-connected life in the multi-verse, restoring Love and Peace for all beings of life. 


The Intention of this website is to provide you with holistic and grounded spiritual education, tools and services to inspire you to embody your fullest potential and fly high in freedom.

At this pivotal time in 2018, I am guided to work with:

  • Women who are undergoing a life transition, seeking the feminine pathway home.
  • Women who want to lead from true purpose and confidence.
  • People who want to make a difference and are committed to a purpose greater then thmeselves.
  • Healers & Light workers seeking grounded guidance and upgrades.
  • People who suffer from hard to heal conditions whom are open to radical possibilities in healing.

Live Present To Love • Self Healing & Spiritual Awakening


Retreat April 2018


Bali Retreat: The Resonance of Love

April 18 2018 - April 26 2018

Women's Retreat June 2018

Mt. Shasta



The New Feminine Leader

A Leadership School and Healing Sanctuary for the sacred heart of the Divine Feminine