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Hi, I'm Jamie Lu

Many know me as a shamanic sound healer, metaphysical educator & founder of LoveRising.earth, a foundation pioneering self-healing skills, retreats and smart ways to live a life of ease & wellness.

Much of what I share comes from my own experience of personal healing through accessing a sacred power point within myself.  Beyond any religion or school of thought, this website is meant to be a source of support, inspiration and a bridge of understanding to those whom are finding themselves in their own healing journey, which can often times be a very confronting, emotional and confusing experience.

I assist and guide others in connecting to their own sacred power with the support of Divine Grace. This can awaken states of higher functioning and bring into balance all aspects of our multi-dimensional selves. This offers clarity, acceptance and freedom, a state I call Wholeness. 

True health requires the wellness of the whole, not just the parts. True health is a higher functioning that comes from a deeply personal awakening into wholeness.
— Jamie Lu, Sound Healer & Channel